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Export All user configuration


Hi everyone,


I need to export all the "personal" configuration that a user set in Team center. Is possible to estract it in some way.


I'm able to make a script that copy file and windows regidtry value, but for me its hard to know witch file to copy.


I know that some configuration are stored inside <user_folder>\Teamcenter\RAC folder but i think that there are some more folder to copy.


Someone can help me to find all the file needed to export the configuration? 


Thanks and regards



Re: Export All user configuration

It depends on what type of configuration you need to export. As you mentioned, some information is stored in %RAC% folder.


But some of them are stored in the form of Preferences.

for example,  if the user customized his/her 'I Want to Section', If the user created any custom colum configuration etc.


so, you might need to create list of personal configuration that you want to manage and look for options to tranfer them from one environment to another environment.

Re: Export All user configuration


Ok thanks for your answare,


I don't understand on thing if the option are in "form of preference" where are they stored?



Re: Export All user configuration

That means, the configurations are stored as user preferences in the DB. So you need to export those preferences and import them in different environment

Re: Export All user configuration

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These folders under RAC (that is: <user_folder>\Teamcenter\RAC\...\.metadata\.plugins directory) have user information:

  • com.teamcenter.rac.aifrcp will have RAC perspective settings
  • com.teamcenter.rac.kernel is about user login info
  • com.teamcenter.rac.toolbar.customization contains Toolbar customization
  • com.teamcenter.rac.contextmenusuppression contains Menu Suppression's
  • Teamcenter cookie information is in com.teamcenter.rac.util
  • com.teamcenter.rac.vns, org.eclipse.ui.workbench is about User interface

for user preference export, you could rely on Teamcenter install --> tem.bat --> Manage Administration Data. This would give an option to export preferences in bulk.


So far this is the easy part...the difficult part is to 'mark' user/group/role data in teamcenter and 'extract' them periodically: For preferences specific to group, role,user, you can use predefined scheme of preferences categories. This will help in going back to only those categories to extract the preferences.



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