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Export BOM by PLMXML

Good day.


I have a problem with plmxml export when I try to export an assembly's structure.


There is my assembly Assy-1:


figure 1


when I tap View->Unpack All. I see this:


figure 2


object det1 has 2 separate instance.


When I try to make PLMXML of Assy-1. Teamcenter exports structure with ths 2 separate instance of det1 (like in fig.2), but I need 1 instance of det1 with quantity 2 (fig. 1).


How can I do it?


ps. If you need plmxml, I can attach.




Re: Export BOM by PLMXML

Hi mjadmin,


What "Transfer Mode" are you using when exporting to PLMXML?


Something Default or Custom Built?




Re: Export BOM by PLMXML

Hello, TobbeP


I use Custom Built rules. It includes some custom properties in property set and Closure rules

Re: Export BOM by PLMXML

Good Day. I solve my problem by adding some preffereces.
So if someone has the same problem, I can help