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Exporting the Assembly or a part from Teamcenter

Hi guys,


I've met a prospect today.

They asked and I quote:

"Suppose we have an assembly with lots of parts inside. One of our customers wanted to have a 3d model of an assembly from us. But they are not interested in what's inside, like all the components or details.

Suppose they want to get the 3D data of a mouse and they're not interested in the inner components, just like the outer shell but as a solid to see how big it is, will it fit their requirements etc. Can it be done directly from Teamcenter, one united solid model for an assembly?"

I know we can export from Structure manager the whole assembly in 1 JT file or a STEP file but wanted to ask you guys if there's a simpler export format from TEAMCENTER.




Re: Exporting the Assembly or a part from Teamcenter

I think exporting it as a Monolithic JT from Structure Manager is the simplest way to do it.

STP - The file size is relatively huge and i prefer monolithic JT's much better.



Arun Kumar G