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Exposing content as part of the envelop name


Currently we have a process that fires off Teamcenter mail when it completes.  Right now all the evelopes read the same; however, each has different content.  Is there a way to expose the content in the envelop name?  I want to be able to look down a series of envelopes and see the subject of each without having to expand the contents.  


Re: Exposing content as part of the envelop name


I don't think you can, but as usual I'm happy to be proven wrong.


The envelope you see in the Mail folder is either identified by the subject value of EPM-Notify, or if this argument isn't used then its the name of the task.


Using the EPM-set-task-result-to-property you could branch the workflow and have a number of tasks with individual notifications with unique subject values based on the content.  For example you could branch the workflow on a property value...  Like I said, not ideal..


Or, if there is a way to change the task name... I tried using a review task as I thought this would automatically include the name of the process but it doesnt.



But, if you use external mail (outlook etc) the subject line does include the name of the process (typically the 1st target object string)


Richard Bennett
Prospect PLM