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FCC error

Hello Friends,

I am getting FCC error continuously...can u guys list out the possibilities of getting FCC error and the ways to solve it.


Note: I have triesf  fccstat -reconfig . I am getting FCC offline 

I tried using fccstat -start..But it replies with unable to start or restart..

Please give me a solution.


Thanks in advance






Re: FCC error


Please check if %FMS_HOME% is set correctly and FSC service is running correctly.

Re: FCC error


Set Environment variable as FMS= and point to TCCS

Then Run the Fccstat in command prompt,it starts the fcc

Re: FCC error

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Solution Partner Phenom
Make sure your parent FSC service is running. The FCC has to talk to someone.

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Re: FCC error

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Solution Partner Creator

1. Make sure that certified JRE version is installed & JRE Home environment variable is set properly

2. Make sure FMS_HOME environment variable is set to correct path

3. Open log file in %USERPROFILE%\Siemens\logs\tccs\TCCS\process to check error

4. Make sure that FSC service is running in server

Re: FCC error

Hi Ravikumar,


    I have checked all your points and attached the snaps for your reference.But i could not find the log you specified.Can you specify the name of the log.

Re: FCC error

Hi guys,


Now my FCC has started....i have another issue.


I tried to create a dataset..and it is working fine.i can create and open it.


But when i tried to open an already created dataset,such as is replying with unable to open error.


i think it is egarding volume.


Pls refer the snapshot..

Re: FCC error

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Siemens Creator



               It seems to be a problem of transientvolume. Run the backupxml_info in the tcserver. Make sure the volume id and transientvolume id values are right fmsmaster_<>.xml has the same values present. If values are differs enter the right values in fmsmaster_<>.xml .

 Stop fsc.

Remove FSC cache.

start FSC


Perform your test again.

Re: FCC error

thank you...

that issue has been already solved...

thanks for ur reply

Re: FCC error


Hello, how did you resolve the issue regarding the FCC error?