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FMS Server issue


One of my FMS server goes offline randomly. After couple of restart, server comes online and resumes normal functionality as usual. Everything was working fine (no recent changes made). Have enough disk space (50GB)


When I checked the FSC logs, saw below errors:



ERROR - 2017/05/30-04:58:08,078 UTC - XXX-TCVol - I/O error processing form-data.:com.teamcenter.fms.servercache.FMSWebHandlerRoot.handleWrite( com.teamcenter.fms.servercache.FMSWebHandlerRoot
WARN - 2017/05/30-12:25:07,429 UTC - XXX-TCVol - Unexpected error during local read stream transfer, client probably closed the connection. 'volume 03700000005d833e9670(E:\SIEMENS\TC_Volumes\vol1)xxx_engineering_eng_4e7a2a0e\4001157_se__nef033k56ywr1.par'java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException: Idle timeout expired: 10015/10000 ms


Anybody who encountered similar error ?