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Federated Licensing

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi all,


after installing Teamcenter RS 11.2 I can start it, but not NX from there. I get the message - you don´t have a license for nx-integration! But I have!

What´s wrong. I have installed TC with 2 separate License-servers in the list. The first in the list was the one with the license for TcRS, the second has the license for NX (including nx-integration). Now I asked some guys here in Germany and one of them told me, that Siemens has change license-management to so called "Federated Licensing". He found it by chance. He also have 2 separate Licenses - each of them with about 200 User. So normally in TC8.3 they have 400 User licenses. As they installed TC11.2 he see in logfile, that now they only have 200 User licenses. He searched in GTAC and found a dokument with discription on "Federated Licensing".

TC11.2 (and TC10.1.4) now uses only the first License server in the list which is given by installation.

That´s crazy from Siemens! Sorry. But now any Company have to change their licenses to only one license on one license server!

Why they don´t have announced it prior?

What´s the sense of it?

We don´t want it!


What you all think about it?



Michael Eichelberg, CAD-Consultant, Dr. Wallner Engineering Nord GmbH
Production: NX11.0.2, NX12.0.2
Development: Batch and VB Testing: NX(1847, 1851, 1872)