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Force AWC to start with a given language

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi Guys,


Could someone help me to figure out, how to get the Active Workspave Client start in a given language (in our case English) independent of the browser's or Windows' languge settings?


I would be glad if there would be some similar preference like these are for the thin client: TC_language_force_thin_client_locale, TC_language_default, but I'm afraid there's nothing like this for AWC.


By the way, any other aproch that cames into your mind could be accepted as a sollution once it's working. (IIS settings, TC preferences, environment variables, TC or AWC config files, etc.)


Thanks for your help in advance,



Software Engineer

Re: Force AWC to start with a given language

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Solution Partner Genius



Maybe try using that Url:

http://ServerNameSmiley Tongueort/awc/?locale=fr_FR

http://ServerNameSmiley Tongueort/awc/?locale=es_ES

http://ServerNameSmiley Tongueort/awc/?locale=en_US



Does it fill your need ?