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Form Assigns Attributes to Items in Pseudo Folder

I have created a custom object that I am using as a change object. The object itself is created by using File-New-Item. 


The custom object has a number of Pseudo folders associated with it. 


When the custom object item is sent into a workflow at various parts of the process I would like to create a form that is displayed to capture attribute data. I then may want some of the attribute data collected on the form to be applied to item revisions within some of the Pseudo Folders. 


Is this possible? What are some strategies that I should attempt in order to pull this off. 


Many forwards thanks,





Re: Form Assigns Attributes to Items in Pseudo Folder

You may want to check the handler EPM-set-property. This handler can set the attribute value of a target objects using attribute of other target object using the PROP:: qualifier.