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Generate TcVis compatible PLMXML file from Teamcenter


What will be the best way to generate TcVis compatible PLMXML file from Teamcenter?


One of the approch is to export plmxml file using transfer mode in Teamcenter and write custom utility to parse Plmxml and generate new Tcvis comptible plmxml file. 


It will be helpful if you can explain, What Teamcenter internally do when we send Structure to Tcvis? Is it creating PLMXML or VVI file? If Teamcenter sends PLMXML file then how it get created?


I have tried to write transfer mode to export tcvis compatible plmxml but it not worked.


Re: Generate TcVis compatible PLMXML file from Teamcenter

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Siemens Phenom

Maybe worth to give it a try:

Open your structure in SM, ,click data panel open show your JTs in Graphics view. In the Graphics menu you can Export 3D and select plmxml (guess a mockup license is needed). This exports a plmxml with tcvis schema.