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Generate a cover page by a workflow


here is the context: The user create data with openOffice. He does it locally and then put them inside Teamcenter by a drag and drop way most of the time.

Whereas the server have an MS office Licence

When going through the validation workflow, the open office data is automatically convert into PDF with the dispatcher.

Now the User want a cover page to be generated and added to the PDF generated by the dispatcher. The Cover page should contains some informations like the item ID, the revison, the person in charge of the validation, the historical on the revisions and modifications and so on.

Since I never did it, I wanted to know first of all, if it is possible? and then if it is possible, could you please give me guidance on how to do it.



Accepted by topic author benjamin1
‎07-04-2017 04:03 AM

Re: Generate a cover page by a workflow

You can but its going to cost you. If you can't/don't want to write a program for it (ITK plus converters as a custom translator) then you'll likely want to invest in something like SEAL Systems.

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