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Hard deleting of a dataset

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor



I defined a new dataset and a tool for that on BMIDE and deploy it with TEM, but unfortunatly it is not working.

I created some datasets from that type and now I want to delete them. I deleted all of them but once, with this error: You cannot delete the master copy of a replicated object.

I dont now how I should find replicated objects to this dataset.


It will be apreciated if you help me to fix this problem. I have access to database and I can hard delete that dataset if it is needed.


Thank you. 


Re: Hard deleting of a dataset

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Re: Hard deleting of a dataset

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Thank you for your help

I tried 

data_sync -u=<username> -p=<password> -g=<group> -verify -update -item_id=<ItemID> -site=<SiteID>


But I received this error:


C:\Windows\system32>data_sync -u=*** -p=*** -g=*** -verify -update -file
name=D_test -site=IMC--1556278022
NOTE: will use Item as the default class ...
Checking status of remote sites ...

***WARNING: Site IMC--1556278022 is not currently available
***ERROR: No site available for processing
- Error 0
100201: The IDSM connection to site IMC--1556278022 on host failed.
Remote system error; Connect request was refused
100107: Attempted function idsm_version_check at site IMC--1556278022 on host .


Even I tried to run this command: 


C:\Windows\system32>site_util -u=mori -p=1859Im1358 -g=dba -f=modify -site_id=1556278022 -replicaDel=y


And I received this error:
Fatal Error: Top level std::exception handler called. Caught exception: Use ask
UserMessage ( ) or askSyslogMessage ( )



can you help me about this errors?

Thank you.