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Help EPM-set-condition


I wanted to check the attribute value using the querie.


if the attribute value equals to RTDI the WF will go the "true" branch else the "false" branch.

Even if the created object has an RTDI value it never takes the "true" branch.

NB: The workflow is started with Itemrevision (SO4_AEDE_SpecRevision)

Is there a link between revision master. if yes what handler can me used? Thanks





Re: Help EPM-set-condition

In the "Scope" you have selected "All". Change it to "Any". You should check how this works if you have multiple item revisions as targets (it doesn't), and perhaps consider a sub-workflow approach...


Query based branching in workflows appears to be slow performance vice. Another way to do the same is by using a rule handler and error path. E.g. EPM-check-object-properties and then an error branch (right click on the arrow to make it an error arrow...)

Re: Help EPM-set-condition

Can you delete the arrow that points to the true path, create it again and set it as true path? Sometimes the set condition result in the target task gets lost.

Re: Help EPM-set-condition

You sure can, and you probably should!

Like you said creating branching creates additional conditions to the subsequent tasks. If you delete the arrows afterwards, the automatically created conditions are not deleted! So if you don't nail it the first try, you should either manually delete those system added conditions, or re-create the tasks that come after your branching task before trying again.