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Help with handler EPM-check-object-properties



When I launch my workflow, I have this error:



Can you help me on handler EPM-check-object-properties?



Thank for your help



Re: Help with handler EPM-check-object-properties

The message is telling you that the doc_revision property on the target item revision, "ALNX/00016/03", does not match the handler's -value argument of "00".

Arden Bedell | Teamcenter Wonk | Applied CAx, LLC

Re: Help with handler EPM-check-object-properties

What I do is put that handler on the start step at the start task. It will do a check first, if the check failed, you can't even start the workflow.


Any experience person can tell me if it is the right? Or I should have validation task for it specifically? 

Re: Help with handler EPM-check-object-properties

If you put it in the start task, this will happen. It's a good way to restrict people from starting a workflow with wrong kind of targets or or incomplete targets. Teamcenter will handle the "error" by not executing the workflow.

If you put the handler in a subsequent task, the workflow will start and the "error" will happen later on. If you do not handle the error properly by creating an error path the users will get confused because the outcome is a failed workflow process. Add an error path, and you have a way to branch your workflow.

Re: Help with handler EPM-check-object-properties

Thanks pejokin. We do not allow users to change things once in the workflow. That is why the start is the only task.. But you just teach me we can create error path. That is what i did not learn here. Really appreciate the reply.