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How many TC installations


I've  TC license which has 10 Tc author licenes and some other add on modules (like CAD integration, Change manager etc, with lesser number of licenses). We're a consulting firm, working on TC customization and not really end-users of TC, hence the low number of author licenses.


I do understand that the 10 author license means only 10 active users can be created within the same TC server and only those users can login to TC. But since we're mostly TC customization developers, we invariably only use infodba account, which anyway doesn't consume any special license.


My question is, whether there is any restriction on number of installations of TC that I can have pointing to this one license server? We've around 200 developers working on customizing and all of them need to install TC (server itself, not just client) on their development desktops.

With 10 author licenses is there a restriction that I can install only 10 TC servers? I don't see any feature in the license file that controls the number of installations, but just wanted to be sure from a license compliance point of view.



Re: How many TC installations

You can have multiple installations but Active users in DB is only 10.

Re: How many TC installations

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Solution Partner Honored Contributor
This is a question for your customer service representative. Please contact them for compliance questions as each company signs there own agreement. What may have been agreed to in one company may not apply in another.

A few comments:
- The infodba user consumes a tc_admin license. There are normally two tc_admin licenses in a license file. The other tc_admin user is "dcproxy" (for Dispatcher).
- The infodba user is special. Running your customization as infodba may not yield the same results when delivered to the customer who runs it without infodba. Be careful validating your customization with this special user (not recommended).
- As long as you only run one Tc environment at a time with the 10 users then you are probably in compliance with your license agreement. However, if you run multiple Tc environments at the same time then its likely that you are not in compliance.
- Siemens supports SDLC practices. They accept that you will have a Production, Quality, Integration, Development and possibly Training environments. However, 200 Development environments goes beyond SDLC and I doubt its supported without a special license agreement w/Siemens.

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Re: How many TC installations

Hi Randy,

Thank you for the detailed reply. You've clearly explained the information that I was looking for.

I'll check with our Siemens Account anchor for further details.