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How to Deploy Custom SOA Srvices?



I am new to SOA.We have created SOA Custom service in BMIDE ,built ,packaged and deployed throgh tem.Now we need to expose this custom service as a wsdl to external application.Can anybody share a step by step documentation on Custom SOA - WSDL for teamcenter. How to deploy this WSDL on the web server?

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‎09-09-2016 02:04 AM

Re: How to Deploy Custom SOA Srvices?



Below are the rough process of deploying your custom SOA service to the web server:


You need to open "tc.ear" in 7-zip (or equivalent).  Browse to the tc.war file.  Open WEB-INF/server-config.wsdd.


Check to see if there is a service with name="your custom SOA service.....".  If not, open SOA/Web_tier/server-config.wsdd (from your SOA custom package).  Copy the entire new custom service element and paste it into the other server-config.wsdd file, group with the other service elements.


Save the server-config.wsdd back into the tc.war file and then back into the tc.ear file


Copy the tc.ear file into your deployment's webserver (etc.  Jboss)


Restart JBoss


Open IE, http://yourwebserver:8080/tc/services to see if your new custome SOA Service(s) listed in there.


*Notes: this is a required manually process and you will have to re-do again it if there is any update to "tc.ear" .


Hope that help!



Re: How to Deploy Custom SOA Srvices?

Hi Harley,


Thanks. I will try out the deployment 

Re: How to Deploy Custom SOA Srvices?

This is very helpful. This step is not mentioned in TC documentation.