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How to check the user session.

Hi, I would like to know how to check how many sessions run on one client machine.


Currently I am facing one issue: 

URL : 


Sometimes Teamcenter suddenly stopped (I mean "not responding") because of the peformance and at that time User need to stop it  by manually. In that case, I think the session still remains even though user  stop the teamcenter as the user did not stop teamcenter in proper way.


So I would like to know the following points.

- How to check how many sessions(such as FCC and Teamcenter.exe) are there in client.

- How to stop the session. 



* Actually I am not sure the difference between teamcenter.exe and tcserver.exe. 

Sorry a lot of quetions. please let me know.



Re: How to check the user session.

Re: How to check the user session.


If you have a 2tier environment you will have Teamcenter.exe and tcserver.exe on the client with a 4tier environment just the Teamcenter.exe is running on the client.

You should really try to figure out what is the issue with the release of the MCO object before you try to kill some jobs on the clients. From my understanding killing jobs on the clients needs customization/scripting and you should be sure that a job is a zombie before you kill something on the client.


Re: How to check the user session.

maybe running clearlocks helps?

Re: How to check the user session.

Thank you, xtof.


The following is my undestanding.

When Teamcenter get crushed, user ID gets locked in server. But Teamcenter.exe stopeed in the client.

This means the process "Teamcenter.exe" is deleted when user closes Teamcenter on the client machine.

But the session can remain in server. 


Is this correct?



What is "clearlocks"?





Re: How to check the user session.


Clears dead process locks from the database. Dead process locks typically occur when a Teamcenter session terminates abnormally. Process locks are set on an object when it is being modified or deleted. If a Teamcenter session does not terminate gracefully (by logging out), these locks can remain in place.

Re: How to check the user session.

Be wary of running "clearlocks" in a 4tier environment. If you are not running 4tier then you can safely run clearlocks as a scheduled task. However, in a 4tier environment, clearlocks should only be used after all users are off the system. A 4tier connection will go stale after a period of time (usually 30 minutes) but the client will reconnect to an existing (or new) tcserver process whenever the user performs an action in the rich client. Running clearlocks during the stale period will remove the database entry (thinks its dead) and the client will not be able to reconnect (possible loss of data depending on if the user saved or not). The best practice for a 4tier environment is to run "List Users" which will prompt you to kill dead processes and avoid running clearlocks for this use-case.

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Re: How to check the user session.

good comment I was not aware that it is killing stale processes...