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How to create "CatImport form" automatically after adding Catia dataset

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Dear all TC & TCIC Experts,


TCIC is configured to create the CatImportForm for every Catia dataset with CATIA_create_OEMForms_option = true preference.Documentation mentioned that this form will automatically attached when a Catia dataset is created in Teamcenter (Setting “CATIA_create_OEMForms_option” to true, the Import form is created with GRM link (catia_importform_link) is also created between the dataset and the Import form (catImport_attributes) during the Save Processes ONLY.). This can be performed with File – New – Dataset dialog from Teamcenter or from TCIC menu with “Create CATPart/CATPRoduct dataset for selection”. In both cases no CatImportForm is created from Teamcenter. The CatImportForm will be created from TCIC when Catia data is saved to Teamcenter with Save Manager or Import method.

Steps to Duplicate:

From Teamcenter Rich client:

  • Create a new custom design item
  • File -> New -> Dataset -> CATPart under selected Design Revision


From Structure Manager with TCIC capabilities:

  • Create a new custom design item
  • Send item to Structure Manager
  • Create new design items in this structure
  • Select items and create CATPart datasets from Catia V5 menu -> Create CATPart dataset for selection

Result: Empty CATPart datasets are created under selected design item revision. But CatImportForm is not available.

In this case i want to have a CatImportForm automatically after adding CATPart or CATProduct unter the ItemRevision (without save processes). Could any one tell me about the solution for solving this situation?

Thank you and best regard


PS. I'm using TC11.2.1 and TCIC11.0.2


Re: How to create "CatImport form" automatically after adding Catia dataset




CATImport Form main usage is for OEM-Supplier Data Exchange to retain naming convention and standard properties of OEM/Supplier during TcIC Import-Export Process. OEM CATIA properties are mapped in different attribute present in ths form during Import/Export Process.


TcIC by default create CATImport Form on TcIC Import and Export process irrespective of value of preference CATIA_create_OEMForms_option. This preference is applicable to TcIC Save process only and create Empty CATImport form only.


You can still manually create CATImport form under Dataset using GRM link or other way is to define post action of Dataset to determine if Dataset is created without NR then CATImport Form should be created. Now usually post Action are sensitive because it may impact TcIC processes also.


May I know what is exact UC you are trying to achieve here with Empty Dataset? So that we could define on approach to achieve this.


Many thanks,