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How to customize Late Notification Messages

Has anybody customized the late notifications generated from the EPM-late-notification ? or is it possible ?


 The default notification doesn't provide any information about the task / target. Any pointers will be highly appreciated.

Teamcenter 10.1.3
TC Visualization 10.1.3 (Custom Patch)
NX:8.5 | NX 9.02 | Catia V5 R2012 | AutoCAD 2015 | In-Context Editor |

Re: How to customize Late Notification Messages


Is the Task Monitor Daemon configured on the Enterprise server. If it is not, configure it.


To enable the notifications you need to install the Task Monitor daemon from TEM

It is the service which checks a user's inbox for tasks that have passed their due date and if found, notifies the delegated recipients and marks the task as late.

Due date for a task can be set using "Duration" field in the task properties and the OOTB handler late-notification is used to define the recipients.

The task to perform will be green before the due date and red after it in the worklist.


Gautam Ramini



Re: How to customize Late Notification Messages

I found the OOTB notifications very limiting as well.

I ended up writing a custom script that would execute a query to find late tasks and notify the owners. I use my custom notify function (same one used in the workflow) so I have full control over the email format.

Re: How to customize Late Notification Messages



Is it ok if I see the custom script you have created on this matter? I haven't experienced writing my own script and I'm really looking forward to learn this. I wish you could share your knowledge. Big thanks in advance.

Re: How to customize Late Notification Messages

The Script is going to be different depending on your implementation but this is my outline.


I created a query to return all ECOs. Then called the query with C code using QRY_execute()

For each ECO, I grab the "Started" tasks.

For each started task, I check if it's late or not. The code sets the late flag if it's past the task duration (task duration is set in workflow designer)

Then if it's late,

  I create an ".ini" file with the email information (from address, to address, body...)

  I then call an external EXE with a "system()" call. I only run on windows so this is great for me.


My external exe was made in the language of AutoIt. It reads the outputed ini file and sends an email. The format of the body was generated in the C server code and passed through the "ini" file. In my case it is a full extract of the ECO information.