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How to delete existing ACLs in database?


I need to delete existing ACLs that are available in database. I know we can delete the ACL from the Access Manager UI, but i need to delete a huge number of them. Is there a utility that can help to perform the same?

The OOTB utility am_install_tree utility allows to override only Rule tree, but does not seem to have an option to delete the ACLs. Any idea how i can achive the same?




Re: How to delete existing ACLs in database?

I believe you dont want to delete all ACLs ( atleast not OOTB ACL rules ) and i am not sure the following option will help you..


Whenever we make changes to ACL, the previous versions are stored under %TC_DATA%/am. So if you just want to revert back to any particular version ( say, want to delete set of ACLs defined after a particular time ), then you can import that version into TC.


Again, it may not be like - selecting multiple ACLs together and delete them. But atleast you can delete considerable amount of ACLs.


Or if you are comfortable, you can edit the ACL xml file by removing unwanted ACL elements and re-import them. But you need to be cautious here. 

Re: How to delete existing ACLs in database?

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Do you mean a branch in the Access Manager tree, or a named ACL?

You can export the configuration from Access Manager, modify in any XML editor and re-import. Proceed with caution, but that's the fastest way...