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How to get all rejected workflows ?



I want to extract all informations about Items which have a workflow with at least one reject action.

Eg of a workflow :  A------->B---------->C
A select signoff Team B
B Reject action and workflow returns to A
A modify the 3D model, re-select the signoff team B
B approve and send to C

In this case, B reject the first time and approve the second time.
But i can't find the reject action ! When B approve, i think -but i'm not sure- that the performSignoff is erased with the new action "approve". Is it correct ? And do you know a way to keep the reject action ? in order to have all performSignoff and made an history...

I asked to GTAC and they helped me with the query to find the performSignofff code values: 78 for reject and 89 for approve.

Have you got an idea ? Maybe it is an option to activate in workflow designer with my workflow to keep history of decision ?




Re: How to get all rejected workflows ?


If you use Audit Manger, you can find from the Audit history.

If not using Audit Manager, right code (ITK or SOA) to find the audit file and read through it.