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How to get read/write rights for local administrator on FCCCache



On our (windows) client computers, we've got a local administrator account which is used for installations and administrative tasks. Users connect on the computer with an account linked to Active Directory.

Using Teamcenter, FCCCache folders are created in %USERPROFILE% with specific rights.

We'd like to clean these folders, for example during an upgrade. The upgrade is performed with the local administrator account. Would someone know how to get the rights to delete this folder ?

I tried some commands with "icacls" but nothing worked...

Thanks in advance !

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Re: How to get read/write rights for local administrator on FCCCache

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If you login as Admin account (to other user PC), then you need to `change ownership` of the folder. And clean the stuff then before the update.

Or, you can have the silent script update, which will perform directly in the user account session, no change ownership needed here, and on the beginning of the update script, there will be commands to clean the stuff in %USERPROFILE%.

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Miloslav Weitz, Siemens PLM Software
Production: Teamcenter 11.5, NX 12, Geolus 9.1
Development: N/A Testing: Teamcenter 12.2, NX 1876, Geolus 10.0

Re: How to get read/write rights for local administrator on FCCCache


Hi @MilaWeitz 

Thanks for your answer ! It made me try again and I succeeded. In fact, I already tried changing the owner of "FCCCache" but then I did not have rights on the subfolder and so on. Windows has what it needs with "takeown".

For anyone who might be interested, I used :

1. takeown /f FCCCache /r /d o

/f specifies the folder

/r makes it recursive

/d o automatically answers yes to give "read" rights to the administrateur on every subfolders/files.

2. icacls FCCCache /grant administrator:F /T

3. rmdir /Q /S FCCCache


Is "upgrading" the clients instead of uninstalling/reinstalling them recommended ? A consultant from SPLM Services once told me it was better to proceed by uninstall/reinstall.. But thanks for the information. However, it would not work for workstations where several users would log on, isn't it ? Furthermore, installing Teamcenter is not just using TEM in general, you need to make operations for integrations which requires some rights do not have.

I'll definitely try it however to see what's performed and what commands are used !


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