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How to monitor Teamcenter ?

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I recently joined the IT department in a french company and my project in this team is to monitor Teamcenter 10.1.3.

I have already installed nagios (4.1) which is a monitoring software customizable.

Now, I have to develop and install some probes and plugins to be able to monitor Teamcenter and see in live how the services and applications of Teamcenter are running.
I did not found information in the documentation section about monitoring Teamcenter but maybe I did not search deep enough..

Anyway, I would like to know if someone could have some info about my needs, or even better if someone has already done a similar project to help me start mine !


I hope you can help me.

Pierre-Alain Zapha

Re: How to monitor Teamcenter ?



I used Nagios (Linux) on a past project to monitor server health. We had nearly 70 servers and monitored the normal things like disk, memory, processor and paging. We also monitored where services were started or stopped. We did not monitor performance beyond that.




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‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

Re: How to monitor Teamcenter ?


If someone is interested, I found a solution.

Actually, siemens has developed a plugin which is compatible with nagios.


You can find information here :


Pierre-Alain Zapha