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How to remove a checked out dataset?

Here is a good one.

I have a MS Power Point dataset that was originally checked out using the MS Office client. The user went home for the week-end and came back on Monday without closing his Teamcenter session.


Noew the datset is shown as checked out, but if I try to check it in... quess what! the system says "Object is not checked out". But I can see from the icon and the properties that it actually is. All check-in and out, cancel fail.


Any ideas? or do I log it to GTAC?




Re: How to remove a checked out dataset?

Did you try PURGE dataset option?


You can also try dataset_cleanup utility just for that specifice one and see the report.

Re: How to remove a checked out dataset?




With my previous customer, I had come across this problem for field engineers who were using MS office TC integration (through TC add-in) and there were frequent problems of the nature you reported.


I would suggest to report it to GTAC as this is a common use case for people working with MS Office.

In my view, the 'de-links' typically occur because MS Office Integration is based on 'OAI' architecture.



To fix this issues, I had in past executed the 'dataset_cleanup' and 'purge_datasets' (on prod replica db first) to sync the Teamcenter visual some cases, update of checked_out attributes was also required.


Let us know how it works out for you.


Best Regards


Re: How to remove a checked out dataset?

Thanks for the info Harish.


Ill do all the normal dataset clean up first and then get onto GTAC.


Ill post the out come Smiley Happy