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I am not able to run tem batch file


I am getting following error message


You are not autorized to perform the maintenance, only the original installing user pbalamu2 to perform maintenance activities. but we dodn't have the above user in the system


Re: I am not able to run tem batch file

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Have a look at the configuration.xml in install dir. Search for "installingUser". There you will propably find "pbalamu2". You can change it to get tem started, but there must be a reason why this user is in configuration.xml. And changing the user may cause trouble...


Re: I am not able to run tem batch file

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Creating a special account for installing software is a best practice. Initially, the services will be installed with this user and you should go back to change those to an appropriate user.

BTW, using "infodba" either as a locally created account (single server) or as a domain account (tiered servers) prevents the need to change the installed user (as @xtof described in two sentences) and you don't have to worry about changing the services user as a post-task. A side benefit is that "infodba" is exempt and doesn't consume an author license otherwise you need to add the service-user account in Teamcenter which is not exempt and does cost you a license (the best practice part).

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