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I get the error


Dear Friends
I created 15 users in Teamcenter 8.3.1, and i try to make more users,i get the error “the number of active author users exceeds the number of purchased licenses”
I changed and purchased the license.
After that I get the error :”the number of licenses left:-1” but I could creat users.
Now I can login to Teamcenter 8.3 with infodba user and also 15 users that I have created before.
But about the users that I have created after license , I get the error “Problem encountered login into TCServer:NOWCause:FLEXlm”
I guessed that it was related to license server, But on the server also I get the same error.

please tell me how to do it?


Re: I get the error

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The infodba user does not consume a license (neither does dcproxy). According to the error, you are out of licenses. When you changed the license, did you restart the flexlm service? If you changed the license server name, did you change TC_DATA\tc_profilevars.bat and restart server manager?


You can review the FlexLM log and the tcserverXXXXX.syslog for the exact error (or attach them here).




Randy Ellsworth, Teamcenter Architect, Applied CAx, LLC
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