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I need suggestions on buying licenses

PLM World Member Valued Contributor PLM World Member Valued Contributor
PLM World Member Valued Contributor

Hello all, I'm new here. In past I wrote something in NX forum and we are now close to implement TC so I have to do some investigation.


I also already asked to my CSR but after some phone calls I still have dubt regarding licenses that I hope someone here can solve.

We plan TC for technical departement only (8 people all using NX)

The licenses situation is:

5x P1                                   Node locked (very old bundle)

2x Mach 1                           Node locked

1x Mach 3 (Simcenter)     Node locked


CSR offered me the purchase of

8x TC10101    Teamcenter Author

7x TC30600    NX Embedded Client


I think 8x TC10101 because of 8 people have to write data in TC

For the 7x TC30600 I'm close to crying.

I read my 8 license files. In all 3 licenses Mach 1 and Mach 3 I found the rows as follow

1 ideas_integration
1 nx_integration
1 teamcenter_designer
2 teamcenter_admin

TC1DOTC                 1  Teamcenter Deployment    Deployment Option


moreover, in the document that I enclose I found that also Mach1 (NL) has the Teamcenter integration

So I expect that the licenses TC30600 should be 5 and not 7 neither 8


CSR said that Mach3 born in floating mode only so we have the NL version for a strange destiny and move the license from NL to Floating is free.

The Mach1 instead need to have theyr own TC30600 Add-in for Teamcenter to properly work 

In this case move Mach1 from NL to Floating is expensive. (More than twice of the price for the TC30600)


Just one more info. We have all licenses linked to MAC address of 8 USB ethernet card so we can easily move licenses and have an homemade type of floating 







I use NX18xx with Gerrit Koelewijn configuration utilities. Thanks to Rob Cohon.