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IPEM for Creo, JT translation


Hi all

Could anyone please explain the JT translation mechanism in IPEM. Creo itself is capable of making or exporting JT files. Also in IPEM installation there is a "Generate and Save" option which enables jt option in save dialog. Selecting this will result to running a background Creo session with some switches like this:


call parametric pro_wait -g:no_graphics "+eai_batch:Config_file_path" +externalPDM

So, it seems that the EAI translation should be a local task on client side but, nothing happens and no jt file created on TC server.

Is this just a switch to call dispatcher task on server side?



Re: IPEM for Creo, JT translation

Siemens Experimenter Siemens Experimenter
Siemens Experimenter

Hello sma, 


       IPEM per default uses PLM Components JT Translator to automatically create quality JTs for creo datasets .
Creo translator could be used, but it would not be automated.  The user would have to export the JT files as a separate step.


Best Regards


Re: IPEM for Creo, JT translation


Thanks. Is there any version match guide for "pejt" tool in IPEM.

I've done all the configurations on dispatcher module, client and scheduler and also ipem client, but no translation done.

Log file of the dispatcher client shows that the translation will start but hangs on. Actually the Parametric command to convert the file doesn't work. I think there should be some modifications depend on version of Creo or TC to be done!?