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ITK Programming: *.c and *.cpp extension


Hi all,


Could anyone please provide the correct settings with which CPP functionalities could be used in custom handlers ? Please find below the details of my problem. Thanks in advance!


Problem desc:


I am working on a custom subscription handler. I am building my custom library (DLL) in visual studio and then installing the custom handler using %TC_BIN%\install_handlers.exe.


Everything was working fine till I used the source code files with .c extension. Once I changed the extension to .cpp (to use CPP structures like std::map), Teamcenter (11.2.1) started giving error message:


NoId - 1146 - Could not load the Entry Point Function Ptr <libxplm_subscription_handler_register_callbacks> for the Custom Library <libxplm_subscription_handler>


It started working when I went back to *.c.




Re: ITK Programming: *.c and *.cpp extension


Found it in TC Help. Used .CXX extension instead of .CPP and enclosed code in extern "C". Handler works with use of CPP classes now.