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ITK customization in Eclipse IDE

Hello Team,


Is it possible to write ITK in eclipse IDE?

I am trying to write ITK code in eclipse IDE, for that, I have added CDT (C++ Development tooling) and compiler (Cygwin), now I can able to write c++ code in eclipse and run it.

for ITK coding I have added include directories of C and C++, TC libs and other paths as like we add in visual studio.

But I am getting some issue while building the .exe file for simple ITK login code.


The error line is as below

#error Sorry, you have to change unidefs.h to make this work on this machine ITK line 285, external location: D:\Soft\SPLM\TC2T\include\unidefs.h C/C++ Problem.










Re: ITK customization in Eclipse IDE


I don't think Eclipse CDT is supported for ITK customization. You will have to use Visual Studio.


Thanks and Regards

Yogesh Fegade

Re: ITK customization in Eclipse IDE

Can you tell mw what kind of mechanism to build the program ? Make or ANT or eclipse standard CDT builder?

Re: ITK customization in Eclipse IDE

eclipse CDT plugins I used. 

Re: ITK customization in Eclipse IDE

No , i meant which builder? Built-in Eclipse CDT builder or using any script files like MAKE or ANT to build the project

Re: ITK customization in Eclipse IDE

The compiler infrastructure you get with Cygwin (I guess MinGW) is not supported for Windows based customization of Teamcenter. However, it is possible to use Eclipse CDT if you are using the Microsoft Visual Studio Tool Chain [1]. I personally worked with Eclipse CDT for Teamcenter development when it became to cumbersome because even if you can compile you projects nicely from within Eclipse it is not possible to debug. This is related to the usage of gdb.exe as debugger (part of MinGW) which is simply not binary compatible with Microsofts compiler output. [1]