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Icon AWC



I am trying to create a new Item icon to AWC.

I can see on Active Workspace Customization.pdf:


Type icons are all 46 x 46 pixels.

  1. Open a command prompt and change to your module directory.

cd STAGE\src\myModule

  1. Run the generateModule script, and use the type argument.

Enter type to generate: type

Enter type name (Required):MyTypeIconName

[12:34:56] [Debug] Creating type MyTypeIconName

[12:34:56] Successfully created type MyTypeIconName

This updates the gwt.xml file, and creates placeholder ai and png files, as well as a Java source file for registering your icon to an object type.


OK, but in Stage I have not src/myModule so I can see in the same .pdf:


 Use generateModule to create a new module


but don't anderstand:


  1. Where is the generateModule script ?
  2. What/Where is module.json ?
  3. What is kit.json file ?

I’m not sure that I’m in the right way, can you help me to create my custom Item’s icon to AWC.


Best Regards,


Re: Icon AWC



Where is the generateModule script ?



What/Where is module.json ?

Is it needed for creating custom icon?


What is kit.json file ?

will be created on running generateModule second time with parameter kit



Re: Icon AWC



In my aws2\Stage I no have bin folder !


Problem in my install ?

Re: Icon AWC


I have the following files and directories in the stage folder of AWC 3.2 installation:


2016-12-30 13_14_48-stage.png

In AWC 3.0 the script gnerateModule.cmd is in stage folder and not in the bin as in 3.2.

Maybe problem with installation if these files and directories are not present. But I wonder that AWC is running if folders are missing...



Re: Icon AWC

[ Edited ]

I'am using the AWC 2.1, it is workin well.

 I no have the gnerateModule.cmd and my Stage directory is different to your:




Do you have any idea ?

Re: Icon AWC


Hmm, AWC is already pretty "old". The steps you described to add a custom icon are valid from AWC 2.3 or 2.4. From my understanding some scripting is needed to get it done in AWC 2.1.

Are you able to upgrade your version? Would not recommend it just because of the icons but a lot of new features were added since AWC 2.1


Re: Icon AWC

OK, I will upgrade to AWC3.1and tell you if it's better Smiley Happy


Thank you.

Re: Icon AWC

Cool I have my Custom icon in AWC.


I have add my new icon (.svg) in\aws2\stage\src\image

i rename my new icone like typeItem48.svg


I have generate a new awc.war with Gwtcompile.cmd

and I have reload my new awc.war in jboss.


Thank you for your help Smiley Happy

Re: Icon AWC

Now i need to see if it's the same with custom item

Add a new image with name typeItemCusto48.svg