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Ideas to capture Task efforts in the Workflow


Hello All,


I was exploring if there are any ways to capture the actual efforts required to perform the task in teamcenter with out using any of the timesheets / schedule manager module.


The idea is to roll up all the efforts required to perform each task in the workflow. Any ideas / pointer are appreciated.


Cheers !

Teamcenter 10.1.7
TC Visualization 10.1.7
NX:11.02 | NX 9.02 | Catia V5 R2012 | AutoCAD 2018 | In-Context Editor |

Re: Ideas to capture Task efforts in the Workflow


I would also be interested in a robust, flexible solution for this...


We are capturing the dates of certain events (task completed). With this information it is possible to create reports and analyze where the time is going. Of course to capture actual cost information, or how long the taks spends in queue vs. wip is not possible this way.