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Import AM rule tree and replace_all function

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Solution Partner Experimenter

Hello everybody,


to fix some problems regarding access rights I modified the AM rule tree in a test system and exported the rule tree as a xml-file afterwards. But when I want to import the rule tree to the productive system I get the following error:


525071: The tag passed is not a valid tag


I tried it with the normal import function in the access manager application as well as with the am_install_tree utility. Both did not work as needed. For the am_install_tree it only works with the "replace_tree" mode, but I have to overwrite some named ACLs as well. 


Did some of you face the same problem and knows a solution?


Thank you in advance!



Teamcenter 10


Re: Import AM rule tree and replace_all function

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

I've had the same issue, in TC 8.3 and 9.1 at least, lately the imports have miraculously worked like charm :smileyvery-happy:

Errors came from Schedule Manager rules (which we never used, and certainly never touched those parts of the tree) and from Project rules. Schedule Manager objects apparently had changed and the rules needed to be first fixed (I compared to fresh COTS installation). Project rules I don't know why they didn't work. The only way to import the tree was to completely remove the Project related stuff in the XML and manually re-create those parts after import. I think the "faulty" node was suggested by the syslog.