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Import SolidWorks objects to Teamcenter




I wonder if someone have imported legacy SolidWorks objects (Part, Drawing and Assemblies) to Teamcenter from a folder structure.


There are some points to think about ... as always when importing like: 

- file references in assemblies and drawings.

- SolidWorks data files like screws, nuts ...

- Naming of file and link that to a item id in Teamcenter.



What I have made is a "Pack and Go" from SolidWorks of an assembly to an temporary folder.

- Open all assemblies and drawings in SolidWorks.

- Assigned number to the 3D parts and assemblies.

- Then tried to assign same number to the drawing but then it complains that it already exists.

... so if a drawing exist I need to select "Replace" and then manually type in the id I want to assign to get it on both the 3D part and the drawing.


So that will work but you need to be careful and as you can't assing an id from Replace function it is time consumming and can get very complex if there is a large assembly with several parts and drawings.


Secondly I have also tried the swimbulkimport.bat but it's almost as hard to work with as opening in SolidWorks. 

This function have a disadvantage as no auxiliary files are generated during import like PDF, JT and STP.


Therefor I don't know how to do it in a proper way to get the legacy data imported in a good way and would appreciate suggestions and proposals on how you have made it.

Thanks in advance!

Jörgen Mähler, PLM Lead Hydro
TC11.5 | TcIC11.5 | Swim 11.4 | Supplier Collaboration
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