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Import Solidworks data with same filenames into Teamcenter using SWIM


I have approx 80k solidworks files with same filename but different file extension in windows file system.


I need to import these file into Teamcenter 11 which has integration with Solidworks. I am using SWIMIMPORT along with input file to import. All the files has to go to different ITEM/ITEM REVISION. But in this case. Three ITEMS are created and all the files are imported to each ITEM REVISION. Below is the screenshot after import using SWIMINPORT with input file.




Below is the input file used.

D:\SOLIDWORKS\HMCR0004.SLDDRW item_id=045723 item_revision_id=A item_name=HMCR0004-DRW item_type=Item model_type=slddrw
D:\SOLIDWORKS\HMCR0004.SLDASM item_id=045724 item_revision_id=A item_name=HMCR0004-ASM item_type=Item model_type=sldasm
D:\SOLIDWORKS\HMCR0004.sldprt item_id=045725 item_revision_id=A item_name=HMCR0004-PRT item_type=Item model_type=sldprt

Below is the commandline arguments passed

swimimport.bat -u=infodba-p=infodba -g=dba -overwrite -log=D:\SLDContent\Asm_Import.log D:\SLDContent\InputFile.txt

The log file is not much of help here.


Any input or suggestion is really helpful. I have more than 1 million solidworks data which is being migrated into Teamcenter. Facing this issue only with same file names.




Re: Import Solidworks data with same filenames into Teamcenter using SWIM

Siemens Valued Contributor Siemens Valued Contributor
Siemens Valued Contributor

Hi Santosh

  We author the SWIM integration for SIemens and also provide services around Migration and Implementation.  You have a lot more data than is going to be readily able to be imported using these tools. 

The tools work fine (we write and test them), but they use standard Teamcenter processing and rules and as a result run slowly and require a lot of effort on your part to define how you want to to be loaded into Teamcenter.

Are the 1M files being managed by some PDM system at this time?  There are other pieces of metadata that will be lost using these tools for migration.

In addition, there are many data situations (configurations, toolbox, users, groups, naming conventions) that are not easy to understand.

If you would like some help from us in both understanding how Solidworks and Teamcenter can work together as well as some advice and perhaps services around migration, please contact me.


(By the way, you cannot have a part and an assembly in the same Item. Try saving this data interactively using SWIM as well.)


- Peter Heath - PLM Business Development Manager
ITI - Siemens Development and Solution Partner