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Import XMLRenderingStylesheet



I would like to place our customized stylesheets into version management which could be used to distribute changes via environment e.g Test, Dev and Prod environments.


I took the export which works fine as well as first import. Problem is that when i change rendering and try to import stylesheet again there's no changes in "viewer" tab. If i change dataset object it self e.g description this update exists there just fine


Not entirely sure if this even would be the best way to distribute changes via different evironments and would like to if there's any better solutions exist

Accepted by topic author Meat82
‎10-29-2015 06:19 AM

Re: Import XMLRenderingStylesheet

Did you clear your cache?

Re: Import XMLRenderingStylesheet



Thanks. I was just missing cache clear. Now import works fine from rich client as well as command line


Mikko Torvinen

Re: Import XMLRenderingStylesheet

hi ,

I would like to export a stylesheet (say 'item' or 'item revision' ..) with the utility plmxml_export.exe. Can you please guide me what parameters should I use in this utility so that I can export the stylesheet . or Am I using the-the wrong utility for this.
Please help Smiley Happy

Re: Import XMLRenderingStylesheet

Use the import_file utility. I like to also use a data file to import several of them at once...

import_file -u=infodba -p=%TCPASSWD% -g=dba -i=_my_list.dat -

And the data file...


-de=r -f=ACME_ToolCreate.xml  -d=ACME_ToolCreate  -ref=XMLRendering -type=XMLRenderingStylesheet

Don't forget to regen the cache.


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