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Importing Native NX data to Teamcenter



Hi Admins


Need help with question in NX Manager import.


In native NX, I have a Part with "front.prt", (I ahve like 100 parts in asssy), when i select the Part i want Item ID to be auto assign/generated from TC but Name should be taken from the existing OS file name




Currently when i select the data and click on Part ID Generator, it will fill Item ID and Name column with the auto assigned number. How i can control that auto generated ID shoul fill only Item ID and the Name should be derived from OS Part file nme


Re: Importing Native NX data to Teamcenter

Gears Phenom Gears Phenom
Gears Phenom

As one option, you can use the Part Id Generator option, then in your prt you need to create the DB_PART_NAME attribute or another and fill in the name.


Part ID Generator.png