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Importing existing customer data into TC

Hi guys,

Let's say wth BMIDE I created custom Item types..
Like piston, pins, etc. Then it wll be easier to search with this classificaton. I also create intelligent part numbering ehich allowed them to produce codes from these.
Everythibg is perfect for new datas.
But when they import an assembly or a part, it will be important as an Item, not a Piston or a Pin, so not able to be seen under search.
Can we change the Item type after import?


Re: Importing existing customer data into TC

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Hi Cem,
how exactly the import is done? As far as I know you can choose item type during the import.
Changing item type is not easy because each item type is represented by table in the database. If you want to change item type you should delete rows from one table and create new rows in another one. It's not like changing "object_desc" property.

In fact you should reimport items. Or may be in latest versions of Teamcenter there is some utility to do this easily, but I didn't find any in Teamcenter 10.

Re: Importing existing customer data into TC

Changing Item type requires custom ITK. You'll have to map the attributes from one item type to the attribute of the secon item type, same with form data, etc. Naming conventions and naming rules are also involved. It's not easy but many of done it.

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