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In Review stage: Unable to add participants in the 4-Tier client like we do in Active workspace 3.3.


During the Review stage or the signoff approval started, unable to add participants in the 4-Tier client TC 11.2.3 version like we do in Active workspace V3.3


Actually I'm able to add the participants in 4-Tier Rich client from the workflow viewer by selecting the sign-off members, but it doesn't update like we do in Active workspace.


Once I add the participants in AWC 3.3, it gets updated and added sign-off person also receives an email notifications to perform action. but where as if I try to add from the rich client, added sign-off person doesn't receive any email or any update takes place on the perform sign-off window. 


Would any one help me how to resolve this issue or let me know if any handler rules or style sheet changes need to be update on 4Tier Rich_client like in AWC 3.3.