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Initial value display incorrectly



I have custom attribute which has inital value set. Attribute is used when creating "Change Notice". Attribute has also "Batch LOV" attached.


Probelm is that initial value does not show correctly on when creating "Change Notice". If i detach "Batch LOV" from attribute initial value is displayed correctly. I have attached picture from problem



Teamcenter 10 (10.1.3(20141202.00)) 64-bit 


Re: Initial value display incorrectly

Does your initial value exist in LOV (exactly same) ?

Re: Initial value display incorrectly

Yes it does and i tried with several values as well.


I don't know if this has nothing to do with the problem but there's renderingHint="lovuicomp" used in stylesheet with problematic attribute.


If i remove renderingHint, default value is displayed correctly but the the field dosen't behave like it should be

Re: Initial value display incorrectly

The LOV Entries are completely localized?
( In case of more than one language : There is a localization value assigned for every language, even If its the same value for different languagaes? )
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Re: Initial value display incorrectly

Yes LOV is localized as en_us language. This localized lov is in different file which has same list of values as TcLOV has