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Initiating worflow behalf of someone else

Hi Experts,


         Is there any way to make target owner as process initiator , though the workflow is initiated by some dba person ( programatically or manually) ? I tried with EPM-auto-assign. This handler works only for current tasks\process, but we have lot of sub-process. For sub-process, the responsible party again become dba person (who actaully initiated, instead of target owner - as per my requirement).


Any suggesstions or idea?



Re: Initiating worflow behalf of someone else

You can not initiate the workflow on behalf of someone but "you can always assign the reviewers/responsible party(Users/Roles/Groups)" for performing the task/activity before actual initiation of the workflow.


Re: Initiating worflow behalf of someone else

for Review task, you may use below handler to assign assignees.




[-assignee= {user:user | person: person | addresslist:list | resourcepool:group::role | allmembers:group::role 

[-ce ] [-clear_signoffs]


Re: Initiating worflow behalf of someone else

Thanks Ganesh.  We dont have any Review Task in our workflow. So, our workflow doesnt require sign-off team selction. All our tasks need to be completed by ( through handlers), target owner only. This works fine for one task, but for remaining tasks or sub-workflows initiated are re-assigned to dba person ( the one who initiates the workflow)