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Install addition separate TC Foundation server. Configurate FMS

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Hello men.

I have been installed TC 4Tier Architecture:

1) Oracle dataBase at separate server (server-ora)
2) TC Foundation, volums, web tier and FMS master at another
FMS -> http:\\tc-server:4544
WEB Tier -> http:\\tc-server:7001\tc
3) 4TierClient work at PC without any problems;

Now i want to install additional TC Foundation on another server (with WEB Tier and FMS service). When i was installing it (on tc-server2) i chose option "Use populated database and existing data directory"

I have been installed 4TierClient (using http:\\tc-server2:4544 FMS URI and http:\\tc-server2:7001\tc WebTier URI). New 4TierClient started well done. But if i want to create data i see an error.



How can i configurate FMS on tc-server2 to fix it.


Thank you.




Re: Install addition separate TC Foundation server. Configurate FMS



you need to the command backup_xmlinfo on the new tc-server in a Teamcenter command prompt. Then you get an output file (backup_xmlinfo.xml) where you see the transient_volume id´s for this new server.


Take the necessary entries for your transient volumes on tc-server2 from this xml file and modify your FMS config file on your FMSMaster. Below is only an example.


     <fsc id="serverB" address="http://serverB:4444" ismaster="false">
        <transientvolume id="9a60a3d9b48b316be4e497ed7d4c30b3" enterpriseid="jflsfjs" root="D:\\Temp\\transientVolume_infodba" priority="0" />
        <transientvolume id="c21bb0406b8b6056bede051ab77f0224" enterpriseid="jflsfjs" root="c:\\temp" priority="0" />
      <fsc id="serverA" address="http://serverA:4444" ismaster="true">
        <volume id="047b438c568458508a76" enterpriseid="jflsfjs" root="D:\\Volume\\VOL001" priority="0" />
        <transientvolume id="5046e11f39020589881b0bd843deb6aa" enterpriseid="jflsfjs" root="D:\\Temp\\transientVolume_infodba" priority="0" />
        <transientvolume id="8daf2fa82031eefadfcd624d544c4240" enterpriseid="jflsfjs" root="c:\\temp" priority="0" />




Re: Install addition separate TC Foundation server. Configurate FMS

The error is telling you that the FCC on the client is not able to talk to the (parent) FSC service. From your description, please ensure that you're using the correct web address format ... should be forward slashes and not back slashes ... http://. The no route to server error message can be caused by several things including a firewall on the server.

On the client, open a browser and enter the FSC address.
You should see an error about a missing ticket. If you some other error then you know that the client can't reach the FSC for some reason.

Randy Ellsworth, Teamcenter Architect, Applied CAx, LLC
NX 11.0.1.mp01 | SW 2016 | TcUA 11.2.3
Evaluating:AW 3.2

Re: Install addition separate TC Foundation server. Configurate FMS

Thank you both very match.

I solved that problem so:

1. Removed FMS from tc-server2
2. Installed FMS on tc-server2 (FMS ID = FSC_SERVER2, port 4544, Advanced -> Volumes -> No Volumes
3. Install Client using http:\\tc-server:4544 FMS URI and http:\\tc-server2:7001\tc WebTier URI

Now FMS Service on tc-server2 start/restart service start properly.
New Client work properly.