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Installing Teamcenter 8.3 via SCCM 2012


Hello, I am wondering if anyone has successfully deployed Teamcenter 8.3 with SCCM 2012?


It continues to fail for some reason, while the same script will install fine if I run it manually. The log file is not much help, only listing this:


Copying file N:\Applications\Teamcenter\Media\Installation\tc8.3.0\tc8.3.0\tem.bat to d:\plmapps\TC83\install\tem.bat
Installation interrupted due the following reason:
RegQueryValueEx: 2
Time: Wed Jun 11 10:16:06 EDT 2014
Copying file d:\plmapps\TC83\install\configuration.xml to d:\plmapps\TC83\install\configuration1406111016.xml


Is there a way to determine which registry key is being queried and not found? And why running this as the System account (Which sccm uses) causes it to fail, while running as an other account makes it work?


If anyone has any input, that would be most helpful.




Re: Installing Teamcenter 8.3 via SCCM 2012


We are using SCCM 2012 to deploy it. It isn't pretty though and fails a lot even though SCCM thinks it was successful.


When we were troubleshooting, we found that it was looking for the following registry key.


Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Shell Folders]


During the installation, we import that registry key and at the end we over-write it with the default.


We also use batch files for the installation. Siemens wasn't much help on this either.


If you find a better way, I would be very interested in hearing it.


Hope this helps.



Re: Installing Teamcenter 8.3 via SCCM 2012

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SCCM runs under the Local System account which can have problems with virtual folders like "Desktop". Build and maintain your images using Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) 2010 then distribute the images using SCCM. Here's a super article




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