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Integration of solidwroks with TC.

I am integrating solidworks with TC.

When I finished the necessary process and try to open the Solidworks in TC, the error message displayed, which says "Cannot set policy to swim_attribute_policy".


Could you tell me how to solve this error? 


Re: Integration of solidwroks with TC.

Hello everyone.  I don't have a solution to the specific question below, but would just like to say that we are in a project now to integrate both Creo Parametric and SolidWorks with TeamCenter using IPEM and SWIM.  We've got a test server and a bunch of test workstations for the purpose and we're methodically working thru a bunch or use cases, refinining various configurations.  Would like very much to compare notes w/others doing similar.


thanks in advance

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‎06-16-2016 08:36 PM

Re: Integration of solidwroks with TC.

the swim_attribute_policy.xml should be in the %tc_data%\soa\policies folder
this is what it contains:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<ObjectPropertyPolicy xmlns="">

<ObjectType name="CadAttrMappingDefinition">
<Property name="attr_title"/>
<Property name="is_hard_coded"/>
<Property name="description"/>
<Property name="mapping_parts" withProperties="true"/>
<Property name="mapping_type"/>
<Property name="item_type_name"/>
<Property name="dataset_type_name"/>
<Property name="object_properties"/>
<ObjectType name="CadAttrMappingDefPartProp">
<Property name="property_name"/>
<ObjectType name="CadAttrMappingDefPartGRM">
<Property name="relationship_name"/>
<Property name="type_name"/>


Re: Integration of solidwroks with TC.

Thank you for all the answer.