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Intelligent Part Numbering in Teamcenter Integration for NX

Hi guys,


I've added Intelligent part numbering to Teamcenter 11.2 without any problems.

I can create any my items from Teamcenter with Intelligent Part Numbering.


But, when I open NX from Teamcenter and import an existing part or assembly with "Import Assembly into Teamcenter" command, I can not use IPN in the part/assembly import window.


Or let's say I create my parts from Teamcenter with IPN.  I have my part or assembly on my desktop.

How can I match the items and item ID's with the ones I'm importing?

What's the easiest way to do this?




Re: Intelligent Part Numbering in Teamcenter Integration for NX



I do not believe you will be able to assign IPN inside NX, because IPN is not yet implemented into NX.

Bellow is my question and answer about IPN to GTAC and as you can see this was under discussion. I send this question last year in april. I believe the only option is working with TC. There is no easy option only maybe to add parts to ItemRevision in TC and then somehow create assembly but this is a problem for large assemblys. So the best way is working inside TC from the start but for existing assemblys a big problem or a lot of work.


I have a question. Is it possible to use IPN (Intelligent part numbering) in Solid Edge or NX (To be able to create IPN part number inside cad program)? This was possible with smart codes, what about IPN.
GTAC answer
Teamcenter has deprecated Smart Codes with TC 11.2 .  Any solutions that you design now will have to be redone with the functionality referred to as IPN, Intelligent Part Numbers, in order to roll up to the current TC release. Our planners forecast Solid Edge ST10 as the earliest look into IPN but that is not a given.  It's going to have to be proven in the field to work for Teamcenter production user's before it gets much attention with CAD. From the NX perspective, our Product Development is in the release planning process right now, and implementing this capability is under discussion.




Re: Intelligent Part Numbering in Teamcenter Integration for NX

Thanks Janez👍

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