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Intelligent Part numbering

Good Afternoon, 



I am hoping someone can help. 


I wish to create part numbers in Teamcenter with the following format:


<prefix> <TopLevel> - <subLevel>


prefix = 2 alpha characters e.g. AA

TopLeve = 4 digit numerical e.g 1234

subLevel = 3 digit numerical e.g 001


Example: AA1234-001



Ideally, The prefix and Toplevel need to be selected from seperate LOVs. Then the subLevel genereated using a counter.


I have attempted to configure this using ID Generation Rules. However it does not appear possible to have unique counters for each combination of prefix & TopLevel


Can anyone suggest how I could achieve this?


Thanks in advance. 




Re: Intelligent Part numbering

Depending on the version of Teamcenter you're using, it sounds like multifield keys would be the answer.


Arden Bedell | Teamcenter Wonk | Applied CAx, LLC

Re: Intelligent Part numbering

Thank you for your response. It's TC11.2.3



Re: Intelligent Part numbering

I tried with naming rule pattern XXNNNNNNN. It works.