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Issues while upgrading TC 10 to TC 11

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we try to upgrade from TC 10 to TC 11. Using Tc11.2.0a_win64 installation files.

The TC 10 version is V10000.1.0.20130604.00


The upgrade process fails with FlexLM initialization error and it seems to be a problem with

one of the upgrade scripts requesting a license feature named teamcenter_author.


Our license server is just able to checkout a feature named TCUACAD_teamcenter_author.


Any experiences or suggestions in that issue ?


Please see also attached files.

Accepted by topic author tpistorx
‎11-07-2016 08:59 AM

Re: Issues while upgrading TC 10 to TC 11


There is a PR about this problem with the following comment:

Will be resolved by code changes made to the release of our product version:
The patch process will correctly handle the infodba user switch from Author to Admin in releases tc10.1.5_a01_1 tc10.1.6, and tc11.2.2

Are you able to go to 11.2.2 directly?


Re: Issues while upgrading TC 10 to TC 11

Hi xtof,


first of all thank you for your information.


I will try the upgrade directly from 11.2.2.


But what is a PR ?

Re: Issues while upgrading TC 10 to TC 11

if you open a ticket at Siemens GTAC it is first an Incident Report and if it is really a software issue it gets a Problem Report.