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Item Creation & display in AWC Vs RAC


AWC 3.4 by-default shows the revision and not Item, it needs two clicks to traverse to Item. Can this behavior be configured to show Item instead of revision in folders.?

So revision directly references the folder and not item. 


While RAC shows  Item->Item Revision when created in RAC. 

However, Item is created in AWC, it shows revision and again it needs couple of clicks to traverse to Item. 


Can this be configured ?


Re: Item Creation & display in AWC Vs RAC

Siemens Experimenter Siemens Experimenter
Siemens Experimenter

Yes, it is possible to have AW return Items instead of Item Revisions.   Active Workspace will return objects that are indexed, and by default Item Revisions are indexed and Items are not.


If you decide you want searches to return Items instead of Item Revisions, you can do this, but do not index both!


AW indexing is controlled by the business object property, Awp0SearchIsIndexed.


If you want, for example, to return Vendor items, set the constant on the Vendor item to true, but also set the same constant on the Vedor Revision to false.


Re: Item Creation & display in AWC Vs RAC


Thank you for reply.


I tried the changes as suggested. However in Home Folder, I still see the item revision and not item. Also pop-up tells that revision is created. Though it creates Item.


I wish to see Item in Home folder and not revision.

Re: Item Creation & display in AWC Vs RAC

Siemens Experimenter Siemens Experimenter
Siemens Experimenter

I think I understand.  Let me give some background in order to explain why you're seeing this behavior.



  • The home folder will show whatever references are pasted into it.  If you use the rich client to paste references to various objects into your Home folder, the active workspace client will display them.



  • The rich client was designed as an Item-centric client, where everything revolves around the Item object.  The inner workings of Items, Revisions, relations and datasets are exposed to the end user.  When the user searches in the rich client an Item is typically returned.  Once found, the Item must then be opened to see the Revisions, which is typically what the user is looking for in the first place.  (there are exceptions, like Vendor or Notes/Finish for example)


  • The active workspace was designed as a Revision-centric client, so users find what they are looking for first instead of the "wrapper" object of the Item.  Items, Relations, and datasets are not displayed graphically as a structure of objects to the end user, but rather they are displayed as properties or tables on the Revision in a single view (with multiple tabs), thus hiding the inner workings of the data model from the end user.



Because of the revision-centric design of active workspace, when new documents or parts etc. are created, it automatically pastes a reference to the Revision that was created with the Item into the Home folder.  They may still paste a reference to the Item into their Home folder, it just doesn't happen automatically.


Changing the indexing from Revisions to Items will change the search results to return Items instead of Revisions, but it will not change what is auto-pasted into the Home folder, nor will it change what has already been pasted.  The creating user will get the Revision in their Home folder automatically, but any searches should return the Item instead of the Revision.


Keep in mind that if you decide to make active workspace display items instead of revisions, you may need to make changes to the style sheets to display the information you seek.



I hope this helps you understand why you're seeing what you're seeing.