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JT Generation via Workflow - ERROR 1948


Hi all,


Some of my designers have disabled the saving of JT data since on more complex items it results in them waiting for 15 minutes every time they save their work. To offload the process from them, I've tried generating the JT in workflow. I've tried both TCRS-Create-Translation-Request and TSTK-CreateTranslationRequest; in both cases, the translation request is successfully created in the Dispatcher request admin window. The status goes to INITIAL for a long time before briefly changing to TRANSLATING, then quickly (3-4 seconds) to TERMINAL. Analysis of the log just states:


Looking for config file: E:\...\NX11.0\PVTRANS\tessUG.config .... Found!
ERROR 1948 :Uanble to connect to the Teamcenter Server. Retrying connection to the Sever.


However, the request originated from a live Teamcenter session, and I can't see any additional config to point it (checked in tessUG.config etc.) - has anyone encountered ERROR 1948 before?






Re: JT Generation via Workflow - ERROR 1948

(P.S. I have found some similar tickets that seem to have different resolutions from mine - for example I've checked start_tcserver.bat in both TCRoot\bin and NX11.0\UGMANAGER, and while it seems to point to the wrong location, changing it has no effect, and TC / other translators run correctly)

Re: JT Generation via Workflow - ERROR 1948

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That translator using the ugmanager connection from the Dispatcher Client running NX. Check the dispatcher client syslog for the transaction for more information. Also check the NX UGMANAGER folder for scripts that connect to Teamcenter. Might require additional configuration (like start_tcserver.bat).

Randy Ellsworth, Teamcenter Architect, Applied CAx, LLC
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