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JT Structure Visualisation in (Multi) Structure Manager

Could some please help me to make an assembly strucure showed in (Multi) Structure Manager.



- Teamcenter 10.1.4

- it is an assembly of ~ 20 components

- each component part's UGMASTER has its JT (saved via NX)

- no assembly or subassembly has any JT

- JT of parts can be shown in MyTeamcenter's Viewer and JT Viewer tab.

- assembly can be opened in stand alone Lifecycle Visualisation (from MyTC File --> Open in Lifecycle Visualisation). Assembly structure can be there viewed, turned on and off. It works.



- when I send the assembly to Structure Manager or Multistructure Manager and there, I trun on the "Show Data Panel" and the Graphics, no JT is shown. I make zoom fit, but it does not show anything. Not even an error message.


Do you have any idea, why it does not work with (Multi) Structure Manager.


Many Thanks in advance.


Re: JT Structure Visualisation in (Multi) Structure Manager

Sometimes the JT file can have data that cant be displayed.

This can be due to a vast array of things, but basically they all boil down to bad NX modeling.


Please open each of your parts in the assembly and preform a geometry analsys.

You want to set all checks to "on" and drag a square sectlition box over all the model geometry.

Examine the results. You are looking for spikes or cuts, small objects, bad data structures, and misaligned objects.


You will usually find one bad model. If you can zero in on which one/ones it is, you turn it off, and you should now see the rest of your assembly.


Let me know how you go.

Re: JT Structure Visualisation in (Multi) Structure Manager

Thank you for your hint.


I tried it on this way:

I created a brand new assy with two components with the only feature of one block in both.

these are really simple solid bodies, though I run the examine geometry, just to make sure they are ok. And they were.


Behavior of system is unfortunatelly the same. PSE does not show any of these bodies. :-(

MyTeamcenter still shows them.  both Viewer and JT Viewer.

Re: JT Structure Visualisation in (Multi) Structure Manager

What is the relation type between ItemRevision and the JT dataset (DirectModel)?

If it is not IMAN_Rendering, I have seen similar problems...

Re: JT Structure Visualisation in (Multi) Structure Manager

It is IMAN_Rendering.


After your post, I changed one of the component's JT to IMAN_specification. PSE does not even allow to set checkmark, whe Graphics window is open.

I set it back to IMAN_rendering.

(BTW: being IMAN_specification, JT proceded UGMASTER in the folder structure in MyTeamcenter. One more reason to leave it as rendering.)

Re: JT Structure Visualisation in (Multi) Structure Manager

Hi, I know that i am responding to a very old post. Nevertheless, the issue might be due to your "System Locale"  under Administrative in Language & REgion Options. Try settign this to English (US) and give it a try.